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swagshop @ hackthebox. 5 mins to root.

  1. magento is vulnerable to
    adjust exploit settings so target url contains index.php/
  2. user.txt is at /home/h***s/user.txt
  3. get app/etc/local.xml...
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tips for onetwoseven from hackthebox

  1. no need to wfuzz or dirbust anything.
  2. sftp access is chrooted, while httpd’s is not. both services are able to create and follow symlinks.
  3. /etc/passwd,...
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craft @ hackthebox, walktrhough-style

craft from is an easy machine with couple of interesting technologies implemented. needs a little bit RTFM’ing for rooting. Enjoy 🙂

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tips for flujab from hackthebox

after getting root i finally can take off my clown suit and post some tips and hints for hackthebox flujab box.

initial foothold:

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Help VM from Hackthebox tips and almost walkthrough

this post is about help vm from

  1. wfuzz’ing helps 🙂 with help. it will reveal a piece of vulnerable support software there...
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friendzone @ hackthebox, walkthrough-style

hack the friendzone

some tips and hints for hackthebox’s friendzone machine. walkthrough-style.

  1. doing a standard nmap scan, you can see a coupl...
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Curling from Hackthebox tips and hints

Some tips and hints for Curling VM 

Quite easy and interesting machine...

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