Help VM from Hackthebox tips and almost walkthrough

this post is about help vm from

  1. wfuzz’ing helps 🙂 with help. it will reveal a piece of vulnerable support software there. searchsploit for it, even patched version contain vulnerability.
    node is not much helpful.
  2. in my opinion, you can add some tweaks to exploit. just to not be confused by timestamps and their hashes.
  3. i’ve got some time to browse source code, so relative path of your uploaded stuff is /%vulnerable_soft_folder%/uploads/tickets/.
  4. inspect database. there’re couple of useful hashes, that can be bruteforced and put together with some /etc/passwd records. after correct guessing, whose pass is it, you should have low-priv ssh access and user flag.
  5. root can be achieved by searchsploit’ing kernel version. there’s an exploit, which brings a shell immediately.

good luck and try harder.

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